HeConnection-ConnectedThis poem was posted on the site: www.tudiabetes.org. It is a good reminder of why diligence, vigilance and prayer are important in the treatment, management and prevention of diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes as we all wait for the cure.


The Cure

By Jerry Nairn

For years they prayed for the day,

the day they could stop

bleeding him for blood sugars.

staring at his food,

counting the carbohydrates,

insulin on board…

They wished they could forget it all,

all of the knowledge and lore,

the glycemic index,

site sensitivity,

medical adhesives,

long-term complications…

… as if it weren’t all complicated.

They wanted to stop worrying

about the impact of joyful play

on blood sugar balance.

So they wished for the day,

the day they could get rid of it all…

boxes of test strips,

the sharp things, needles, lancets, syringes,

the technological marvels…

meters, pumps, sensors,

the tools of replacing beta cells

and mimicking

the way the body is supposed to work,

the insulin

would all finally be stacked up in a big pile,

packed up to be sent away.

They wished and prayed the day would come,

But diabetes left in the night,

And with it took their son.