HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Just InsulinThere’s No Way I Could Rely on Just Insulin

Were you told to eat whatever you want and just give yourself enough insulin to cover it? Were you told diet does not matter, so just eat “normally?” Don’t rely on just insulin to control blood sugar highs. Listen to this young woman’s comment about this advice:

Diet is just as important as insulin for diabetes control, what is a ‘normal’ diet anyway? Shouldn’t everyone be striving to improve it? Diabetes has an environmental influence so diet and lifestyle have a big role to play – even though it’s not the only factor, it’s a big one.

“There’s no way I could personally rely on just insulin, I’d have to take absolutely huge amounts to cover carbohydrates and suffer all sorts of side effects. If it works for you, then that’s fine, but I don’t believe just covering carbs with insulin works forever without consequences. The Roman boys are living proof this plan works I now know many other type 1 [diabetics] who are having success with similar plans. [Type 1 diabetes] is an awful thing and causes such emotional turmoil but we should take hope from the fact that people are seeing success with it, and also that this family has devoted their life to helping those with Type 1 diabetes and their families.” *

(* results may vary)

We would love to see you add your success story to this one and the others like it. Start where you are, and begin making lifestyle changes that can have great impact on your long term success managing diabetes with well-controlled blood sugars.

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