Marianna-Blessing-in-Disguise“This Disease was a Blessing in Disguise”

We recently received this wonderfully encouraging note from 14 year-old Marianna who lives in California. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2012, one day before the 4th anniversary of Gabriel’s diagnosis. We hope there are many more anniversaries to come for Marianna that include great #BloodSugarControl, better living and a continued “Blessing in Disguise.”

“Congratulations! Wow five years…your boys and what you do for them inspires us one day at a time.  My name is Marianna, my mom spoke to you over the phone in July and from then on I have made much progress.  You encouraged my mom to eliminate dairy and that was the last stepping stone to being insulin free as of August 12.

“My one year anniversary passed (1/9/12). It has been bitter-sweet but continues to get better each day.  My blood sugar levels are consistent and stable.  With patience, determination and leaning on God for understanding I know it is going to be okay.  All I can say is “I feel better!” Looking back before diagnosis I never knew what feeling good meant.  You have blazed a trail for many to follow and have brought a new understanding on just how important diet is.

“A couple of months back we attended a JDRF bowling outing, it was an interesting experience.  When I shared my story the parents scoffed, but the children seemed intrigued.  They all said, “are you sure you were not misdiagnosed” I responded, “I treat myself with diet – a pretty interesting diet :)”

“As always, we were the ones standing alone on this road less traveled.  I believe this disease was a blessing in disguise… The Lord would never give me something I could not handle.  I am delighted that I was able to share a little more of my story with you and I hope to meet you someday soon.” *

(* results may vary)

We hope to meet Marianna and her family someday soon too! It is a compelling testimony about the power of diet and lifestyle in the management of diabetes – in this case type 1 diabetes. We feel the same as Marianna that this disease was a blessing in disguise, in that it made us become far more aware of the impact our food and environment has on our health. Sadly, it is also an example of the resistance we face when embarking on a road less travelled; a road that leads to better health and blood sugar management for many of those who take it.

HeS-Better-Health-Brighter-Days-Natural-lessing-in-DisguiseThe #TypicalWesternLifestyle is killing us with chronic diseases, and you can help lead the way in a healthy new direction. We have seen our two boys with type 1 diabetes grow and thrive since January of 2008 when we started on this journey with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.  You can travel this road better equipped than we were! Our Recipe e-Books provide alternatives to the typical high-carb, low nutrition foods that are standard fare for the typical western diet. Our Home Study Course teaches you how to implement the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle in a #PracticalLivableSustainable way for better #BloodSugarControl and thriving health. It will save you so much of the time and effort we spent learning, studying and experimenting to find the healthiest way possible to #MasterDiabetes. Our support services can make the difference between success and failure during your transformation. And our Natural Solutions will take you deeper into practical application and underlying research. We think it can form the foundation for a natural, way to better #ControlDiabetesNaturally – all types of diabetes, even (and especially) type 1 diabetes.