This is how I feel when I eat Mom’s yummy food

One day I was cleaning my desk, and I noticed something that caught my eye. On one of the rough drafts of a soup recipe my daughter, Grace, had drawn some adorable pictures.  The caption under them said,

“This is how I feel when I eat Mom’s yummy food.”

Grace-Drawing-Mom’s yummy food

What a joy it was to me to see that she enjoyed the soup so much.  I was also glad to see that our children can really see the connection with what they eat and how they feel – that they are putting their body in a position of strength for better health and beter quality of life.

I know, at times, I grow weary of cooking and preparing food, but I was so encouraged after seeing this sweet doodle art.  It is always rewarding to see our children growing and thriving while enjoying their healthy food!

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