HeConnection-EquippedThe diabetic-alkaline lifestyle is hard work, especially at first when you are busy transforming you lifestyle and habits to comply with this healthier way of living.

Some people say they would do anything for their children, but they also say, “Their kid(s) need to be able to eat popcorn at a sleep over, they need to be able to have a piece of cake at a birthday party.”

Really? No, they do not NEED these things.  I understand that people want their children to be normal – to be able to do all the things other kids do. But when it comes to the potential long term (and short term) health consequences from doing these things, we believe normal is over-rated.

We don’t want our kids to strive to be “normal.”  We want them to strive for much more than that, and optimal health will get them there much faster than will eating a cake full of gluten, sugar, trans fats and who knows what else at a party. Besides that, we have created plenty of healthy party and snack food options for our type 1 diabetic boys, which they actually prefer to the standard fare. This is not a deprivation, starvation lifestyle by any stretch. It is more about substituting healthy foods for the unhealthy ones.

Their friends have now come to the point where they ask to have some of our boys’ “special” foods. They ask, Mrs. Roman, can I have one of those healthy cinnamon rolls you make for Gabe and Nathan?”

People may believe that food really does matter in the treatment and management of type 1 diabetes, but even that is not enough. That is an important, necessary step, but once they realize and believe food matters, then they must be willing to do the work necessary to transform their lifestyle. Unfortunately many people just aren’t willing to do that. I understand that. I was resistant at first. I just did not want to give up my 44 ounce soda each morning, or a juicy hamburger with a smooth creamy chocolate shake from In-N-Out Burgers when I had the chance. Sigh…

This is not a pill, or a quick fix. IT… IS… WORK…

Those that are convinced and motivated by something more than just being normal in food choices will be more willing to do what it takes to enjoy the potential health benefits that come with such a lifestyle. Those with a different perspective or motivation, we respect their decision and do not judge them at all. We recognize that there are many circumstantial factors influencing each person’s decisions. We will, however, continue to proclaim the benefits of lifestyle transformation for the long term health of the diabetic because we believe that even though it may be hard work, it IS worth it!

Our recipe e-books, workshops and home study course will teach you how to transform your lifestyle in a practical, livable way for long term sustainability and better living.