Those Foods Just Don’t Work for Type 1 Diabetics

This note from a long time type 1 diabetic who recently visited us should inspire you to start your journey toward better blood sugar control with greLetYourFoodBeYourMedicineat-tasting, healthy recipes:

“I am still on insulin but my doses have come down significantly and I have never felt better! As soon as I ‘cheat’ and have something I shouldn’t, I feel the consequences and that’s obviously even with giving insulin for the carbs. Those foods just don’t work for Type 1’s as hard as it is to accept. Thanks to the [Health-e-Solutions lifestyle] we are able to really put the theory into practice. Everyone raves about the delicious meals I now make. Most people have this connotation that healthy isn’t tasty- not in my house. My extended family always looks forward coming over for a meal- the salads etc. They say – it’s fresh, full of flavor and real food!!!” *

(* results may vary)

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