Three times I nearly lost her”HeS-Control-Diabetes-lifestyle-Nearly lost her

You simply must read this message from the grateful partner of a type 1 diabetic woman who has been through the diabetic version of hell, stating, “Three time I nearly lost her”:

“Knowledge is power and I have a fiancé who has struggled with her T1D for the last few months. So much so that her blood sugar levels were in the 30’s [500’s in US equivalents]. Three times I have nearly lost her. She has been rushed to hospital in an ambulance at least 5 times; has fainted to be found in a pool of blood from hitting her head; has had extremely high ketones; over the phone I had to help her sort out her insulin because her blood sugar was so high it was like she was drunk; she has had infections and had to have kidney stones and cysts removed whilst her immune system was practically nonexistent and her blood pressure was so low we almost lost her in the operations. On top of all this she was in a diabetic coma for almost a week around Christmas time. So it’s been a bloody stressful 6 months.

“One day after she started the [Health-e-Solutions] diet, her blood sugars went from around the 20’s [360 in US equivalents] all the way down to have an average of 7-8 [126-144 in US equivalents]. And as the partner of this beautiful woman I would do anything to help her. I am so grateful for Sally and Dan’s work and the fact that I was able to find this information to give to my fiancé, because it has done wonders. And she has done really well sticking to it, but I guess that would be because she is so happy with the results from the diet.”  *

(* results may vary)

All I can say is, wow! We are overwhelmed with gratitude to have been able to help in such a difficult situation. Knowledge truly is power. And this loving partner was willing to seek it for his loved one. We’d like to share what we have learned about how to manage blood sugars through healthy lifestyle changes. We can shorten your learning curve dramatically and give you a solid foundation upon which to build your “custom lifestyle.”

House-of-Health-Roof-Nearly lost herUntil #CuringType1Diabetes is a reality within our reach, put your body in a position of strength to #MasterDiabetes the healthiest way possible. Lifestyle innovations as a priority over drug therapies may be the solution. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it continues. Promoting, supporting and creating health set in motion a positive feedback loop instead. Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management. These five health components make up the five pillars of health and nutrition in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to improve each of these areas to help you Master Diabetes in the healthiest way possible.