Type 1 Diabetes Hope Considered Bad Medicine

Health-e-Solutions-Type 1 Diabetes Hope Considered Bad MedicineIs Hope Bad? Is offering Type 1 Diabetes Hope Considered Bad Medicine?

This may sound like a silly question. Of course hope is not bad… or is it?

If offering people hope is good, which most of us would agree it is, then why is so little hope offered to people newly diagnosed with diabetes – especially type 1 diabetes – for a healthier, more natural way of controlling this lifelong health challenge? Have we lost the forest for the trees of evidenced-based medicine? Who decides what constitutes evidence? Don’t the experiences of the many people improving their blood sugar control and diminishing their complications count as evidence?

Hope is vitally important to the spirit and to healing, but to be fair false hope is damaging to both in the long run. That is why we try never to give false hope, but we DO provide a realistic hope by showing that there is a better way to control diabetes for those willing to take the road less-traveled.

For those starting out at the beginning, it is a critical time to have hope. We are thankful for those who gave us hope during this tender time. It spurred us on, not to just accept the status quo mainstream capitulation, and it changed the trajectory of our lives forever. While we are thankful that we have insulin when/if we need it, we are immensely grateful to learn how much can be done to minimize or eliminate the need for this and other medications by making healthy diet and lifestyle choices a priority in our everyday lives.

We’d like to see you have success. Contact us today to schedule a consult. Or purchase our video workshop course and get on the road today toward better health, and to #ControlBloodSugarNaturally. People who have follHealth-e-Solutions Framework of H.O.P.E. -Type 1 Diabetes Hope Considered Bad Medicineowed our natural, healthy lifestyle solutions have:

  • Decreased their HbA1c percentage
  • Reduced or eliminated insulin requirements,
  • Reversed symptoms and complications
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • Increased c-peptide secretion and insulin production
  • Decreased or eliminated insulin antibodies
  • Normalized their weight

(* results may vary)

With our #FrameworkOfHOPE, we help you establish a lifestyle foundation that may stop or reverse disease progression and complications naturally, and reduce #InsulinDemand and other medication requirements. Get off the roller coaster of high and low blood sugars, and get on the rolling plains of normal, control.