Type 1 Diabetic Insulin-Free Over 3 Years!

Wow! It was great to hear from this mother of a boy with type 1 diabetes who has been insulin-free over 3 years.  We are rejoicing that this family has had so much success to #MasterDiabetes with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle:

“I purchased your Home Study Course and recipe e-books (in 2012)… David’s still doing great (and insulin free) and last month it was 3 years without insulin.  We are so very proud of all his hard work!”  [and so are we!]

“Many blessings to you all over there. Thanks for all YOUR hard work and dedication:). Much appreciated.  I read every newsletter and they give me new things to study.” *

(* results may vary)

HeS-Products-Services-Type 1 Diabetic Insulin-Free Over 3 Years!If you are looking for a way to #ControlBloodSugarNaturally, we recommend you purchase the Video Home Study Course with the Ultimate Recipe e-Book. Our Consultations and Workshops are also suggested for personalizing the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle for your unique situation. Once you complete either a live Workshop or the Home Study Course, you will be eligible for our Extended Support Service, which provides unlimited email and secret Facebook page support to help you get your #DiabetesMastered the healthiest way possible.

Is this a cure for type 1 diabetes? No. However, it may put your body in a position of strength to reduce insulin requirements, enabling to #ControlBloodSugarNaturally, like it did for this family.