Watch Our Slide Show “Remember”

Health-e-Solutions-Watch Our Slide Show RememberWatch Our Slide Show Remember – We have created a slide show video set to music composed by our son, David Roman. It is an attempt at capturing in roughly 3 minutes the emotion of being newly diagnosed, and then discovering there may be another road – a road less traveled – by which to manage diabetes. This road, although it is not without its challenges, may just change your life and give you a new day to remember.

We’d love to have you watch it and give us your comments.

Let us help you shorten the learning curve for innovative #NaturalDiabetesLifestyle solutions by setting you on the path toward improved blood sugar control and better living. Our Roman Diet Diabetes Recipe e-Books provide innovative alternatives to the typical high-carb, low nutrition foods that wreak havoc on diabetes control but are standard fare for the typical western diet. Our Home Study Course teaches you how to implement the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle in a #PracticalLivableSustainable way.

We think this lifestyle can form the foundation for a NaturalDiabetesLifestyle to better control all types of diabetes, putting the body in a position of strength for better living. All of our products and services are designed to help shorten your learning curve to achieve the greatest success in controlling blood sugars naturally, and to #MasterDiabetes in the healthiest way possible.

HealtheSolutions Dan Sally Roman consults-Watch Our Slide Show RememberWe’d like to see you have success. Contact us today to schedule a consult. Or purchase our video workshop course and get on the road today toward better health, and to #ControlBloodSugarNaturally. People who have followed our natural, healthy lifestyle solutions have:

• Decreased their HbA1c percentage
• Reduced or eliminated insulin requirements,
• Reversed symptoms and complications
• Improved insulin sensitivity
• Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
• Increased c-peptide secretion and insulin production
• Decreased or eliminated insulin antibodies
• Normalized their weight

(* results may vary)

With our #FrameworkOfHOPE, we help you establish a lifestyle foundation that may stop or reverse disease progression and complications naturally, and reduce #InsulinDemand and other medication requirements. Get off the roller coaster of high and low blood sugars, and get on the rolling plains of normal, control.