HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-watch our storyWatch our Story on the Incredible Healing Journals Website

Lisa Robbins, founder of the Incredible Healing Journals website has posted our story for her readers and viewers to watch. We encourage you to watch our story below. But also visit her web site to listen to other amazing healing stories. Lisa has done a wonderful job of documenting healing stories, told in the first person that provide excellent information about healing as well as motivation and inspiration. 

Here are some of the highlighted quotes from this 28 minute video:


  • “Is there anything I can do?”
  • “Functioning beta cells remaining even for people up to 50 years who have had Type 1 Diabetes.”
  • “Pancreatic beta cells can regenerate!”
  • “The first priority is to have good stable blood sugars.”
  • “If we can avoid it (insulin) or take it to the least amount possible, we believe that’s optimal.”
  • “We went down that path not really at all expecting to see recovery as we saw in the months that came.”
  • “We started realizing the effects that food has on a body that can trigger autoimmune attacks.”
  • “There are the triggers that cause the genetics to express themselves and those are environmental.”
  • “Both of our kids have told us they are very confident that they can do this the rest of their lives and they have no problem doing it.”
  • “We know its practical, livable, sustainable in the real world and this should be the new normal.”
  • “The goal is very stable blood glucose levels, which will produce optimal health for any adult or child.”
  • “Not only is he not taking insulin, he has sufficient insulin levels, c-peptide blood insulin levels to have a normal life.”
  • “The boys’ antibody tests are all normal.”
  • “No two people are alike, he took another route to get better but it took him about two and a half years to stabilize.”
  • “We really feel it’s helpful for any Type 1 Diabetes and also we work with Type 2 Diabetics.”
  • “In terms of the diet, it’s so clean it puts very little stress on the body.”
  • “Over time your body will do all it can to restore itself to its natural healthful state and that’s what we’ve seen with our boys.”
  • “There is hope and there is an alternative way of managing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.”

How can you heal yourself in one word? “Food! I think Hippocrates was right, the Father of Modern Medicine was right …” *

(* results may vary)

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