“We are So Happy with Our Choice of the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle”

This is an inspiring message from a family with 2 type 1 diabetic girls who is so happy they have chosen the Health-e-HeS-New-Day-Dawning-More Services-So HappySolutions lifestyle and has been more than satisfied with the results:

“It is definitely a parent’s choice on how we handle our child’s diabetes and the food they eat, but my two children would not be as healthy if it weren’t for us eating a [Health-e-Solutions] diet and taking out the equation “just feed them whatever they want and compensate with insulin,” which is what so many endocrinologist’s out there are telling parents. Sally and Dan have been our backbone for 4 years now in our healthy eating and we are so thankful to them for their support and love.

“We see an endocrinologist at Vanderbilt and he is ecstatic at how we are feeding our daughters. He says he wishes all parents would follow suit so that their children are as healthy as possible. Not because it is a cure but because it stabilizes their blood sugars so well and you don’t get the highs and lows and all over the place blood sugar numbers, which in turn really takes a toll on the child’s pancreas and body.

It is also teaching my children about healthy food choices. They know what makes them feel sick and what food makes them have lots of good and natural energy. I am thankful that they are learning this which will help them so much later in life. We, as parents, are all in this together. We sail the same boat with day to day eating, injections, blood glucose checks… but we all have a choice in how we go about those things… Those of us who take on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, with the results we are getting, we are so happy with our choice. Thank you so much Sally and Dan. We love you and the work and research you do for all of us.” *

(* results may vary)

We love hearing about families who have found appreciative and encouraging doctors to supervise their care in a way that aligns with the family’s goals of using natural lifestyle choices for optimal blood sugar control and better living. We are thrilled every time we here of another family’s success with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

We’d like to see you have success. Contact us today to schedule a consult. Or purchase our video workshop course and get on the road today toward better health, and to #ControlBloodSugarNaturally. People who have followed our natural, healthy lifestyle solutions have:

  • Health-e-Solutions Framework of H.O.P.E. So HappyDecreased their HbA1c percentage
  • Reduced or eliminated insulin requirements,
  • Reversed symptoms and complications
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • Increased c-peptide secretion and insulin production
  • Decreased or eliminated insulin antibodies
  • Normalized their weight

With our #FrameworkOfHOPE, we help you establish a lifestyle foundation that may stop or reverse disease progression and complications naturally, and reduce #InsulinDemand and other medication requirements. Get off the roller coaster of high and low blood sugars, and get on the rolling plains of normal, control.