Buy a humongous bucket of sugary, high fructose corn-syrup laden soda to benefit diabetes research?

The appalling photo was snapped at a KFC restaurant in Utah. This benefit promotion was running at only a single franchise location where the owner has a personal interest in non-diet related type-1 diabetes.

It’s still baffling how the people involved in this campaign were unable to see the inappropriateness of raising money for diabetes research by encouraging people to gulp down insanely large amounts of full sugar soda pop. A habit that could, of course, help contribute to the spread of the very disease they’re trying to raise money to eradicate!

The so-called “wet carbs” in soda are considered the absolute worst carbs you can ingest because they dump so rapidly into the blood stream, causing a huge spike in blood sugars. A diabetic alkaline lifestyle whose goal is to prevent or reverse diabetes and protect pancreatic function considers sodas, both sugar and sugar-free, the first things to remove from the diet – and for good reason.