What Fish Oil Supplements Contain


HeConnection-What Fish Oil Supplements ContainWhat Fish Oil Supplements Contain – If you use capsules, look for concentrated fish oil capsules or take enough of them to get the recommended dose. – Typical fish oil supplements found in most stores and pharmacies are made of what’s called 18/12 fish oils. What this means is that for every 1000 mg capsule, there is 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA or 300 mg of beneficial omega-3s all together. All the other fats in the capsule are not omega-3s but other fatty acids. These fish oil supplements typically say 1000mg on the front label of the bottle right under the word fish oil. This is very deceiving because it makes you think that you are getting 1000 mg of the beneficial omega-3s (EPA + DHA) in each capsule.

To get the real values of EPA+DHA, you have to turn the bottle around and look at how many mg of each of these omega-3 fats are in one capsule. You have to take four capsules a day of 18/12 capsules to get the recommended 1200 mg of EPA and DHA.

If you use capsules, be sure to look for concentrated fish oil capsules or take enough of them to get the recommended dose. Don’t be deceived by the milligrams on the front of the label. Turn it around to read how many milligrams of both EPA and DHA are in a serving, and how big a serving size is.

We avoid this problem by using fish oil in a bottle rather than capsules.

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