Making-Cinnamon-Rolls-Wonderful WorkshopWhat a Wonderful Workshop!

What a wonderful workshop time we had this past weekend!  It is so nice to meet families dedicated to master diabetes in a healthier and more natural way.

We had the kids help out with our “Cinless Cinnamon Rolls” demonstration. They did great. They did even better at eating the rolls hot out of the oven… mmm, mmm, good! We’ll eventually get the recipe posted on line for you.

Making-pH-Pizza-Wonderful WorkshopWe also demonstrated Magical Muffins (you can make them in 1 minute flat!), Zesty Crackers and pH pizza. We ate the pizza hot out of the oven too! We had lots of carbohydrate substitutes for the attendees to try along with raw tacos, alkaline salads, snacks, drinks and plenty of desserts.

Here is what one of the workshop attendees said:

“Thank you so much for making it possible for us to attend the workshop!  It was very helpful to see how to do things on a practical level and to hear your personal story.  Just since we got back and have started eating [the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle], our daughter’s blood sugars have significantly lowered!  …I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our day there and felt like we learned a lot. But also, my kids had a great time.”

Hopefully, as more people get the vision of hope and encouragement, the information, recipes and hope will multiply.

Workshop-Wonderful WorkshopThere is no better, more natural, “cure-like” way to manage type one diabetes on the near horizon that we have found than the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle. While the ultimate goal is not management of type one diabetes without insulin, or even reduced insulin, it is nice when that is one of the side benefits. The ultimate goal is to transform our lifestyles to become the healthiest way to live for maximum, long term disease prevention, healing and quality of life. Of course we are convinced that the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle gives us the best opportunity to reach that goal.

Thanks to all of you that help out in so many ways.  We are in this together!