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HealtheSolutions Workshop Home Study CourseThere is nothing as exhilarating as attending this workshop live and in person, where you get to meet and be encouraged by other like-minded people, where you taste healthy very low-glycemic food, snacks and drinks, and where you have the opportunity to interact with guest presenters, doctors and others.

However, we understand that not everybody can make it to a Health-e-Solutions workshop. So we are bringing the core workshop to you! We have created a variety of home study course packages so that you can pick the option that best fits your needs.

The home study version of our interactive Strategies and Techniques Workshop will give you a foundation upon which to build a healthy, lifestyle to master all types of diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

This home study version of Dan and Sally Roman’s live workshop includes over 4 hours of recorded topical sessions and a food preparation demonstration. These recorded sessions are available in streaming or downloadable audio and streaming video. Also included is an Home Study Notebook and the option of including the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle Ultimate Recipe e-Book.

“I have known Dan and Sally Roman for nearly a year now. They are extremely friendly and decent people.  I support their methodology and am the referral physician for the advocates of that system.  I’ve seen myself how effective the program can be for Type 1 diabetic patients–it  significantly lowers their glucose levels, reduces or removes insulin needs, and some TIDM peds patients have become antibody negative.  The Roman’s program is a valid alternative for Type 1 patients to investigate.” *

Dr. Mona Morstein, N.D.
Faculty Chair of Nutrition, Clinical Supervisor, Associate Professor, and Professor of Gastroenterology
Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center

(* results may vary)

The Home Study Course package comparison chart below will help you make your decision about which options and packages are right for you.Health-e-Solutions Workshop Home Study Course Comparisons

Get started on a new, healthy, #VeryLowGlycemic, low #InsulinDemand lifestyle today

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