Workshop Success: “Creative, Delicious, and Grateful”

Health-e-Solutions comment: We thoroughly enjoyed our time with this wonderful family of seven. Here is what they had to say after they attended a Health-e-Solutions personal Luccia-Workshop Success

“Thank you again for hosting the workshop. Everything was creative, delicious and we are so grateful to have come. We are looking forward to implementing the diet and lifestyle better now. I wish we could do a whole week of the workshop! One day is too brief! Your kids are so wonderful. We loved seeing them. They were truly helpful and kind.

“We definitely are signing up for the Extended Support Subscription service.”

And again,

“We met with Dr. Mona Morstein and we love her! She has us moving forward with great things. We are going to begin strong new practices with this diet plan when we get home and adapt to the Health-e-Solutions plan and get on with the support you provide.  AZ has been a beautiful experience and I wish we could have spent a few more days out here.” *

(* results may vary)

We always come away from these workshops encouraged by the people with whom we have the privilege of working. This family was no exception. They are part of the community of people who want to #TransformDiabetesCare one person or family at a time. It is time for change.

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