Scheduled for June 23rd, 2012, this highly interactive workshop will answer your questions about healthy alternatives to controlling all types of diabetes and equip you with proven strategies and techniques that may help you stop potential long term disease progression.

This will be an eight hour intensive, interactive workshop in our home.  When an attendee leaves, they will have a very good understanding of why and how the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle works. It will include two delicious diabetic-alkaline meals (lunch and supper) and plenty of diabetic-alkaline snacks.  Meals will be a time for us to enjoy getting to know each other and having personal questions answered. Also, it will include how to make this special diet fun and motivational for children.  Our children will be very involved, and we hope this will be a tremendous encouragement to others.  This exclusive workshop is on a first-come, first-served basis with limited space to encourage a more intimate, small-group interaction – the spaces may go quickly.  We would love to have you, your spouse and your diabetic loved one(s) join us!

You can watch the workshop introductory session on our web site.

If you are inspired to attend, please purchase your workshop space to reserve it:

We look forward to spending the day with you!