You are Not Your Disease

HeConnection-Outlook-You are Not Your DiseaseYou are Not Your Disease. Diabetes can overtake your life, if you let it. It can do so on both sides of the self-care continuum. You can become so engrossed in the management of diabetes, so consumed by it that you see all of life through the eyes of the disease. Or, you can ignore your self-care and become so lax that your blood sugar spins out of control and creates unending complications that can overtake your life.

There is no doubt that diabetes demands our attention, but it should not rule our lives any more than it must to pay proper attention to self-care. We want to encourage you to remember that diabetes is a challenge in your life, but it is not who you are. It is only one ingredient that goes into the recipe that defines your life. Your existence cannot be boiled down to something like diabetes or any other disease.

A good reminder to health care practitioners is, “It is the person who has diabetes, not diabetes that has the person. So, treat the person, not the disease.”

This can be quite a liberating reminder to those who are being consumed with blood sugar control. It can be a wake-up call to those who have neglected their self-care to their own detriment, thereby relegating control of their health to inevitable complications.

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