Young Man Following the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle is Prepared for the Future

Below is a draft of a HeConnection-Inspired-Young Manschool paper written by a young man following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle for several years. It is about an achievement that is noteworthy, encouraging and inspiring to us.

“This achievement is my advancement in personal health – a peak that most people have not even heard of – in an attempt to cure, limit the control and limitations that type 1 diabetes has on my life.

“This is important to me because for the past 4 years I have been optimizing my health, forsaking all unhealthies, ie. all pre-made foods and cheap junk food and GMO products, no wheat, gluten, sugar or dairy products. I have learned that the benefits of this far outweigh the costs to do this. I have learned that I am extremely patient and can do many things when I put my mind to it.

“To me, the meaning of this experience is that when life throws you a curveball, you look and attempt all angles before making your way. In future insight, if I get another bump along the road, I will be prepared.” *

(* results may vary)

This young man is showing us the way to a healthier future. His preparation over these last four years is now paying off. He sees the benefits of his efforts and feels confident to face whatever may come. It took time and considerable effort to make advances in his personal health and blood sugar control. Everything worth having takes time and effort, and a healthier lifestyle is no exception. Even so, quick gains can be achieved in a surprisingly short period of time with a little planning and preparation.

H-e-S-Targeting-Success-Young-ManPlanning and preparation makes this lifestyle practical, livable, and sustainable. Being purposeful & organized helps you persevere and master this condition when motivation runs low. The old saying is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Our 132-page downloadable, printable e-publication, “Targeting Success” provides you with resources to target long term success following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We don’t think it is in your best interest to achieve short term success if it cannot be sustained. To that end we have compiled and created this set of reports into one e-book to help you plan, prepare, organize and succeed in transforming your lifestyle for improved blood sugar control and better living. This is an essential resource for your long term success. You will not regret learning the valuable tips and strategies found here.